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18 May 2023by verulam

The Coriolis Compact air sampler from Bertin Technologies was recently used in a study by the #Forensic Capability Network to monitor #DNA in SARC forensic medical examination rooms. The study was successful and resulted in Policing, NHS, Charities and SARC Service Providers saving up to £50 million nationally.


The Coriolis Compact is a dry Cyclonic air sampler able to operate up to 8 hours straight and compatible with multiple downstream analysis (NGS, qPCR, Culture).


The Coriolis Compact portable biological air sampler monitors indoor or outdoor air quality. Light, compact, and ergonomic, it is the ultimate all-terrain microbiological air sampler. Its cyclonic technology collects biological particles. It is compatible with the most common micro-organism analysis methods, and measures indoor and outdoor air quality quickly and efficiently. Its scope of application is very broad: Biocontamination of medical or health environments, virological sampling, biological risk control, environmental pollution control, etc.


Please follow the link to read the study in full:


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