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11 April 2023by verulam

Last week we were visited by Sandra Dowling from Mettler Toledo to give our sales and engineering team training on the Mettler Toledo #XPR balance. The XPR226DRQ balance is an integral part of the automated weighing platform for solids and liquids from Axel Semrau: The XPR Chronect; the only robotic arm powder dosing system officially supported by Mettler Toledo.


The training and guidance provided by Mettler Toledo is just one of the reasons that allow our team of #service engineers and technical support staff to ably support end users with their Chronect systems.


Sandra discussed the technology behind a modern balance explaining that weight or mass is not measured directly, and for the really delicate balances (5.5 or 6 d.p.) moving them from one floor to another can affect the readings if not recalibrated. This is because the balance is so sensitive that the difference in gravitational field becomes significant.


We have arranged to have one of the balances at the Robotics and Automation Pharma show in London on the 20th/21st April. We are sure it will appear at other shows later in the year too. Please let us know if would like to see it in person!


To find out more about the Axel Semrau XPR Chronect contact the team at Verulam Scientific at [email protected] or call 01234 381000.


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