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Bertin Bioreagent is a leader in biomarker assay kit development, production, and distribution for life science laboratories thanks to 30 years of expertise.

Toxicity and efficiency of new molecules and drugs can be determined by studying biomarkers. Any biomarker deserves to have its best-in-class analytical tool which should be robust, ready to use, available worldwide and approved by the scientific community.

Bertin Bioreagent offers more than 40 references of assay kits (ELISA, EIA, enzymatic…) and 240 references of antibodies (monoclonal and polyclonal) targeting biomarkers involved in various fields such as obesity, diabetes, pain, inflammation, or endocrinology. The product range also includes necessary pre-analytical tools and biochemicals to collect and pre-treat samples for future analysis.

Research Areas
Pain & Inflammation
Metabolic Diseases
Oxidative Injuries
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Pre-Analytical Tools – Take Care Of Your Samples

While it is mandatory in clinical application, many kits in research do not evaluate in depth the pre-analytical phase (mainly because it’s highly variable). Bertin Bioreagent has a different approach.

In the diagnostic field, it has been known for decades that the pre-analytic phase is part of the process and should be monitored. In Research, especially for new biomarkers, this has been often under-estimated, which can lead to biased results. Bertin Bioreagent strives to offer a complete solution to users of assay kits by developing pre-analytical tools that will protect biomarkers before analysis. These tools contain antioxidant or specific anti-protease or inhibitors, i.e. appropriate biochemicals to secure your sample until further assay.

Reasons to choose pre-analytical tools:
  • A comprehensive offer of pre-analytical tools matching Bertin Bioreagent’s assay kits.
  • Developed by Bertin scientific team, which benefits from 30 years of expertise in biomarker assay development.
  • Collection vials are provided ready to use to optimise sample preparation time.
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Assay Kits – Cell based, immunoassay, LC-MS/MS

Bertin Bioreagent offers a large range of assay kits from ELISA to enzymatic activity kits, validated for their precision, accuracy, and specificity.

Bioreagent and bioanalytical tools are ready to use and contain all reagents, including quality controls. Bertin’s assay kits target biomarkers in research areas such as metabolic syndrome, pain, and oxidative stress.

Reasons to choose assay kits:
  • Kits supplied with ready to use components – including quality control.
  • Extensively validated by Bertin’s scientific team and researchers in the literature.
  • Acetylcholinesterase (AchE) technology providing: high sensitivity, wide dynamic range of quantification, rapid colour development.

Antibodies – Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibodies for New Assay Development

Bertin Bioreagent offers primary and secondary antibodies for laboratories. As essential tools, they are particularly versatile when properly validated.

Bertin Bioreagent offers a broad range of primary and secondary antibodies that have been tested by Bertin scientific team or partner labs in current applications such as WB, IHC or RIA.

Thanks to its expertise in assay kits development, Bertin Bioreagent provides a comprehensive offer of CGRP antibodies, histone antibodies and transcription factor antibodies.

Bertin’s prion protein antibody range is widely used by neurodegenerative disease research labs.

Reasons to choose antibodies:
  • Leader for prion protein antibodies
  • Antibodies validated by research laboratories
  • Customised antibodies with specific labelling
  • Bulk size of antibodies available
  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies available

Biotoxis QPCR Detection Kit

Biotoxis is a qPCR all-in-one detection kit that detects B. anthracis, Y. pestis and F. tularensis, 3 pathogens that constitute the first potential biological weapons causing lethal infection (anthrax, plague & tularemia).

Highly sensitive, this kit is the only one on the market that detects in one reaction all 3 agents, ensuring a rapid response in a context of a global bioterrorism. The Biotoxis kit provides a simple, reliable, and rapid method for detection in air, water, and any biological samples. It is dedicated to CBRN teams, first responders, and R&D labs that work on these 3 agents for a quick intervention in the event of a suspected biological attack. In multiplex, detection limits are 17 copies of target template for B. anthracis, 20 copies for Y. pestis and 49 copies for F. tularensis. All liquid components can be stored at +4°C for 6 months.

Reasons to choose Biotoxis QPCR Detection Kit:
  • Sensitive multiplex detection of 3 agents
  • Easy to use; master mix, primers and probes included
  • Compatible with any type of sample (air, water & biological samples)
  • Stable at +4°C
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