Pickering Laboratories Product Testing Solutions

Reproducibility and Precise Matching of Official Formulations

Pickering Laboratories Artificial Body Fluids Products are made to official product testing specifications from ANSI, NIST and other official standards organizations and are used worldwide for product testing and research applications. The expert manufacturing processes and quality control standards enables excellent batch reproducibility and precise matching of official formulations.

Artificial Perspiration

Pickering Laboratories’ Artificial Perspiration is formulated to test products for colourfastness, corrosion, and discoloration. Only the best formula will give the best test results.

Pickering Laboratories has developed reliable, reproducible, and consistent artificial eccrine perspiration solutions for research and product testing. The Pickering Laboratories artificial eccrine perspiration is formulated to be universally standardize across all industries; it is the only formula that can satisfy all test challenges.

  • Artificial Skin Surface Films
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Buffered Sweat
  • Colourfastness Testing
Artificial Saliva

Artificial saliva testing on toys, dental devices or in pharmaceutical research is imperative for reaching safety levels that are acceptable for product reliability. Don’t chance it with inferior testing solutions.

Pickering Laboratories manufactures a variety of artificial saliva formulations designed for product testing and research. Several artificial saliva products follow official testing methods that are globally accepted for testing corrosion or colourfastness of consumer products and dental devices. In addition, they offer a range of formulations based on published scientific data. To increase the stability of some products during storage, several artificial saliva formulations come in two parts that are mixed just before use. Custom formulations to accommodate specific pH or ingredient requirements are also available upon customer request.

  • Artificial Saliva with Mucin
  • Fusayama/Meyer Artificial Saliva and Modified Fusayama/Meyer, Custom pH
  • DIN 53160-1:2010-10 Artificial Saliva
  • ISO 10271-2011 Artificial Saliva
  • AFNOR NF S91-141 Artificial Saliva
  • Artificial Saliva for Pharmaceutical Research
  • Artificial Saliva for Medical and Dental Research
  • a-Amylase
Artificial Urine

Industry Specific Artificial Urine from the company known for the highest quality products.

For more than 10 years, Pickering Laboratories has been supplying companies with artificial body fluids designed to test an array of materials, components and finished products. Their artificial urine solutions are formulated both according to official testing methods as well as published research on the use of artificial urine for corrosion testing, medical studies, and related applications. The products do not come sterile but could be sterilized before customer use using filtration.

  • Artificial Urine Stabilized
  • Artificial Urine for Corrosion Testing of Urological Implants, Stabilized
  • DIN EN 1616:1999 Artificial Urine for Testing Sterile Urethral Catheters
  • Artificial Urine Medium for Growing Urological Pathogens
Other Types
  • Artificial Cerumen
  • Simulated Lung Fluid
  • Synthetic Blood
  • Synthetic Soil
  • Simulated Waters
  • Custom Formulas

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