Continuous flow rate measurement without interference

The Biotech Flow Meter is specifically designed for continuous measurement of flow rate without interference in your fluidic systems. Compatible with all HPLC and GPC solvents, it is conveniently sized and powers itself from a USB connection. The current flow rate is displayed on the Flow Meter’s integral high resolution OLED Display, allowing easy control of current flow value. A PC based App allows continuous recording and storage of the measured flow rates.

Available in 4 different models to cover a wide range of flow rates:

  • Micro Flow: 10nL – 80mL/min
  • HPLC Flow: 1mL – 5mL/min
  • Prep Flow: 0.1mL – 40mL/min
  • High Flow: 0.1mL – 650mL/min

Application Areas

  • Chromatography – validation & diagnostic purpose
  • Peristaltic pump monitoring
  • Flow chemistry
  • Process flow applications

Product Features

  • Portable robust unit with 1μl resolution
  • Easy time factor selection
  • Connects to any LC chromatography instrument
  • Perfect for IQ OQ PQ qualification
biotech flow meter

Technical Data

Micro Flow HPLC Flow Prep Flow High Flow
Measuring range 10 nL-80 uL/min 1 uL-5 mL/min 0.1-40 mL/min 0.1-650 mL/min
Maximum resolution 1 nL/min 1uL/min 0.1 mL/min 0.1 mL/min
Accuracy >0.2% FSD >0.2% FSD >0.2% FSD >0.2% FSD
Precision >0.2% FSD >0.2% FSD >0.2% FSD >0.2% FSD
Integration Time Factor 78, 312(default), 1172, 5781 or 9844 milliseconds
Maximum pressure 3 MPa(435 psi) 3 MPa(435 psi) 1.2 Mpa(174psi) 0.3 Mpa(43psi)
pH operating range 1 to 11 1 to 11 1 to 11 1 to 11
Measuring cell volume 5 uL 94 uL 58 uL 276 uL
Cell diameter 0.43 mm 1.8 mm 1.4 mm 4
Cell length 37 mm 37 mm 22 mm 22
Fluidic connectors Female 1/4″-28 flat bottom Female 1/4″-28 flat bottom Female 1/4″-28 flat bottom 8 mm Barbed end with tubing ***
Pressure drop 1 mbar 0.12 mbar* <4 mbar <4 mbar
Sensor Module Quartz glass (borosilicate) and PEEK PPS, SS-316 and epoxy resin
Display High resolution OLED display
Control USB-powered plug-and-play software
Calibration Validated with water. Calibrations factors included
1. Water (validated) Yes Yes Yes Yes
2. Methanol Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. THF Yes Yes -** -**
4. Acetonitrile/water Yes Yes Yes Yes
*@ 5mL/min with water **THF is not tolerated
***Tubing type to be agreed on
Temperature range 10-50C

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