High sensitivity bubble and "Empty-Bottle" monitor

The Biotech Solvent Line Monitor is a small stand-alone device that efficiently detects bubbles in solvent flow lines and then sends electronic trigger signals or activates acoustic alarms. This clever monitor can safeguard your laboratory against running out of solvent in critical applications, thus avoiding faulty analysis results, system downtime, or even extensive equipment maintenance.

The monitor is fully compatible with any liquid chromatograph. This simple-to-use device will constantly monitor the status of the feed line of up to two chromatograph pumps (very handy when gradients are involved) and trigger an alarm if an “Empty Bottle” is detected.

Technical Data

Display: High-resolution OLED Display with online status information

Number of Sensors: Two, automatic detection of connected sensor and type Sensor Operation

Optical Tube Size: for 1/8” (3 mm) or 2mm with 1/16” adapter

Control Output: Potential-free contact, programmable as NC or NO

Acoustic Alarm: Programmable Beep Signal with Auto Shut-off

Power: USB Plug and Play functionality

Dimensions: Main Unit 40 x 20 x 70 mm

Sensors 20 x 15 x 16 mm

Cable Length: Sensor to Main Unit 1000 mm

solvent line monitor system

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