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MALDI Sample Preparation

HTX M3+ Sprayer with heated nozzle and integrated pump

HTX M3+ Sprayer

The HTX M3+ Sprayer is based on a patented spray nozzle design.  Originally developed to deposit “hard-to-dissolve” polymers onto sample plates the unique spray technology is well suited for matrix deposition.  The unique combination of heat (the nozzle can be temperature controlled up to 140 C), pressure (carrier solvent is delivered at high pressure by an isocratic pump) and drying sheath gas (Dry Air or Nitrogen) result in a precisely controlled solvent/matrix deposition that can be used for many matrix types.

Thanks to its advanced design, the spray nozzle delivers matrix solution from <10 µlL/min to 0.250 mL/min without the frequent clogging associated with other technologies.  In addition, the spray nozzle offers several ways to control spray characteristics including:

  • Spray flow rate
  • Spray Nozzle movement and velocity
  • Spray temperature
  • Spray drying time
  • Spray composition

HTX M5 Sprayer

The HTX M5 Sprayer builds on the proven capabilities of its predecessor, the HTX TM-Sprayer, to offer even greater performance. The all-innovative M5 Sprayer with high velocity stage and heated sample holder drawer contribute to a greater user experience and expanded process capabilities.

• New heated tray

• 4x Faster nozzle

• Newly designed chassis

• Variable nozzle height

• Greatest range of applications

HTX Sublimation

Solvent-free matrix deposition via sublimation offers several advantages over typical spraying methods.

  • Spatial Resolution: Sublimation provides minimum crystal size in the nanometer range
  • Minimum Delocalization: By removing the liquid phase in the matrix deposition process, more spatial information is preserved in samples
  • Efficient: The matrix layer can be applied in one single process


The HTX SubliMATE is a robust and easy to use MALDI matrix deposition system for controlled, reproducible sublimation of the smallest available matrix crystals for sub-micron resolution mass spectrometry imaging.


Controlled Heating – The HTX SubliMATE uses a ceramic heater for consistent and quick heating up to 300 C. These allows for a range of MALDI matrices to be sublimated (ex: CHCA, DAN, DHAP, DHB, NEDC, etc)

Multiple Cooling Options – A universal cooling top allows for cooling with standard or dry ice down to -78 C to produce ultra-small matrix crystals <1 micron in size.

High-Throughput Homogeneous Matrix Deposition – Proprietary Matrix Wafer allows for homogeneous matrix layer coating across a large area (up to 4 slides).


HTX Sublimator

An automated MALDI matrix deposition system offering speed, reproducibility, and the smallest available crystals for sub-micron resolution mass spectrometry imaging.


Custom Vacuum Chamber – The HTX Sublimator features a rectangular vacuum chamber that achieve sublimation conditions extremely quickly to maximise efficiency for imaging MS sample preparation.

Timer Controlled Sublimation Step – Electronic controls and pre-defined matrix deposition protocols ensure sample-to-sample reproducibility and optimum matrix surface quality.

Validated protocols are available for DHB, CHCA, SA, DAN, 9-AA, and Norhamane

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