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9 July 2021by verulam

Verulam Scientific Limited visited Envirolab near Manchester last week to install a DECADE Elite electrochemical detector (ECD) from Antec Scientific. The application in question concerns analysis of certain environmental contaminants in soils/waters but HPLC-ECD is used in a range of areas, including: neuroscience; clinical; pharmaceutical; food.

The DECADE Elite ECD is ready to work with any HPLC system on the market. It can handle the fast eluting peaks often encountered in UHPLC and with Antec’s proprietary small volume SenCell™ it is compatible with capillary and nano LC as well. The DECADE Elite with its dedicated flow cells is by far the most sensitive electrochemical detector by today’s standards.


  • Most sensitive electrochemical detector
  • Compatible with any HPLC system
  • Temperature stabilized cell/column compartment
  • ADF (advance digital filter) to improve S/N ratio
  • Different flow cells for optimal performanceFor more information please contact us on [email protected] or call 01234 381000
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