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13 December 2022by verulam

Many of our customers have complex analytical needs which, therefore, requires a unique solution. Our technical team Verulam Scientific put a great deal of effort into planning the specification, system testing, delivery, and installation to ensure our customers’ requirements are met.

From the initial customer consultation and building the business case all the way through the process to system installation and testing, it is safe to say we really put our heart and soul into every project.

One of our recent orders, a Knauer Pilot Prep HPLC system, is now ready for delivery to our customers at CPI.

AZURA® Prep systems are tailor-made for the customer and are configured from point of injection to detection and sample collection. Due to the flexible design of the devices, customers can easily change parts like pump heads or flow cells and integrate all components of the compact systems into a pilot-scale system.

We work closely with manufacturers to introduce new and improved laboratory products, specialising in HPLC, electrochemistry techniques for clinical, environmental, food and beverage applications, sample preparation for MALDI mass spectrometry, and automated sample preparation for mycotoxins, pesticides, dioxins, and forensic toxicology.

So, whatever your analytical requirements, why not contact us today for free advice and recommendations from our technical sales team.

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