Service and RepairsDid you know we also offer Service and Repairs?

24 April 2020by verulam

We have a team of fully trained engineers to advise and support our customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

We offer a range of maintenance plans and repair service on most makes and models of HPLC equipment. This includes support for bespoke systems where the component modules are from a variety of manufacturers built to perform a specialised application.

Verulam Scientific Ltd are the sole appointed service providers for Teledyne ISCO flash chromatography systems and syringe pumps in the UK. Additionally we are fully trained by CTC Analytics on PAL legacy, XT and PAL 3 autosampler units and have over 20 years’ experience working with the PAL range in all its various configurations.

We stock a full range of spares, syringes and many accessories for these and other systems. We also offer a range of service plans on all the equipment we supply and our engineers are trained and supported by the manufacturers we represent. With a fast response and fully equipped spares kits we can ensure a quick and thorough service is provided.

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