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15 February 2023by verulam

Following a good work out or during the half time interval of your favourite #sport the traditional orange segments have been replaced by an #isotonic drink.


Every legitimate #claim on the side of a food or drink must have a scientifically sound measurement behind it. When it comes to sugar or salt content it is obvious what this means but how is a drink deemed to be isotonic?


Isotonic (or isomotic) drinks have the same osmotic pressure as human blood, which allows the vitamins and minerals to absorb faster and more efficiently. #EFSA (European Food Standards Agency) have defined that for a drink to be classed as isotonic it must have an osmotic pressure of 300±10% mOsmol/kg.


This application note shows how several isotonic (and a few non-isotonic) beverages faired when their osmolality was measured using the @KNAUER K-7400S #osmometer.

vfd0156_osmolality_of_isotonic_drinks_a0_v4_final.pdf (

Good news for all the Sunday league footballers out there from the 80’s and 90’s… you can legitimately have a beer at half time… as long as it’s non-alcoholic. ?


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