Products and SolutionsQuEChERS Columns For Multi-Mycotoxin Analysis

24 June 2021by lucys

16 Mycotoxins in One Run

LC Tech are launching a brand-new product and as their UK distributor you can purchase these through Verulam Scientific.

The CrossTOX® columns by LCTech allow a high efficient sample clean-up of all regulated plus expected mycotoxins. At the same time, the columns improve the conventional dilute-and-shoot process via an QuEChERS based procedure:

The CrossTOX® is a low cost QuEChERS SPE Column for the Analysis of 16 Mycotoxins at once

  • High purity of extracts due to special sorbents for high matrix binding; no separate filtration
  • Significantly less internal standard required due to special affinity mechanism of the columns
  • Less cleaning and maintenance of your LC-MS/MS system due to the high purity of the extracts
  • Only one column for a wide range of matrices
  • The CrossTOX® columns are suitable for both manual and automated processing.
  • CrossTOX® columns are available in packs of 100
Please see below the advantages of the CrossTOX® compared to the conventional dilute-and-shoot procedure: