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6 December 2022by verulam

As the winter months draw in COVID and flu starts to spread among the general population. Although most strains are not as lethal these days the number of workdays lost to COVID is still large, especially in medical centres, surgeries, and hospitals.

To ensure these sites reduce the impact of these diseases, it is good practice to monitor for the presence of the bacteria and viruses alongside a thorough cleaning regimen.

In 2020, Imperial College London used the Bertin Coriolis Micro air sampler to collect samples throughout the hospital and then used PCR analysis to detect COVID.

Read about how this was accomplished and the result they found here – Evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 air contamination in hospitals with Coriolis μ air sampler – Bertin Technologies (

Verulam Scientific are the UK distributors for the Bertin Coriolis Micro and Compact air samplers. Come and talk to us if you found this paper of interest.


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